It seems I haven’t updated the DeMarrs for some time.  Drako, for example, had grown to school age some time ago.

His sister, Sorrow, grew to a teenager and eventually headed off to uni.

In the meantime, Damien had been standing and staring, contemplating his ‘life’.

He’d come to a decision.  He wanted there to be a vampire in the family to carry on his mother’s heritage, but he wasn’t sure he could keep living as such without Serena.  He had to make his daughter-in-law, Ginger, a vampire, which meant getting to know her rather better than his son, Luka, would’ve liked.

And then he could bite her

to create..

another vampire.

Ginger then went about her daily life, including playing guitar which she was fond of.  She was now invisible in the mirror.

Luka got quite a surprise when he got up (he’d been sleeping) to find his wife had changed…

He figured out what must’ve happened without his knowledge or permission.  He was not too happy with his father.

Damien hid his shame but then went on to explain to Luka why he’d done it.

Luka was reluctant at first, but then agreed.  Ginger didn’t really want to be a vampire but she was a conduit.  Damien got her a vampricillin to take after she’d done the deed.  It was Ginger’s turn to bite Luka.

And it was Luka’s turn to become a vampire.

Ginger then took the vampricillin and changed back to human. 

But now she saw nothing of her husband during the day.

Luka also had to resign from his job as city planner, so Ginger got a job as a security guard (being a vampire had given her a sense of invulnerability).

After all that excitement, Drako grew to a nerdily-dressed teenager.

In other news, Damien’s daughter, Ebony, died age 63.  Luka’s eldest daughter, Erike, dropped out of university to move in with Christophe Champignon in his father’s house just next door.  They are engaged and I took a photo of their engagement but can’t find it!