Two brief stories of infidelity.

First – a new couple had moved into Veronaville – Matthew and Jessica Picaso.  They worked in the military, as did Spliff Champignon and his wife, Georgina.  Georgina got to know Matthew before he and his wife moved to Veronaville.  They hit it off immediately and Georgina was kissing and hugging Matthew when Spliff wasn’t around.  After the Picasos moved to Veronaville Spliff got to know Jessica and they had an immediate attraction too.  So the sensible thing to do seemed to be to swap partners.

Spliff had gone round to Matthew’s after work and was there when Georgina visited Matthew.  She was found out.

Jessica was likewise found out when Spliff went visiting her and Matthew turned up.

So both couples broke up and moved in with their lovers.  Georgina moved in with Matthew and Jessica moved to Spliff’s place and his two kids.  The kids were naturally upset that their mother had left.

Georges in his basement bedroom crying.

Jessica and Spliff married and Matthew and Georgina married.  Jessica happily found herself pregnant.  Georgina, on the other hand. wanted to focus on her career to become a general and wasn’t that interested in more kids.  However, she is now pregnant as well.  She was pregnant when she turned up to John Lillard’s wedding (she still had her wedding veil on, oops).

Infidelity 2 is a rather surprising one (and rather unsavoury).  It appeared that Ariane Newson (nee Champignon) had the hots for her stepfather, Peyote Champignon.  Ariane’s sister-in-law, Ginger DeMarr, discovered this to her horror.

Whether Ginger went home and told her brother or not, it seemed Garrett had something to lecture Ariane about when she got home.

Ariane took it all meekly.

Their eldest, Hayden, has just left for university.  Below are the toddlers, Autumn and Ciren (Garrett’s alien child).