John finished his degree and headed back home.  He got a job as a detective.  His fiancee, Caryl Monif, still had another couple of semesters to complete to finish her biology degree.

Once graduated, she moved in with John and Mikhail and immediately set about redecorating some rooms of the house and expanding the range of clothes in the wardrobe.  She was perplexed not to have found a white wedding dress among the gowns.

The wedding was set for the next summer day after John returned from his first day on the job.  Olivier and his new wife, Veronique, were invited, as well as Celestine (who’d recently moved in with Caryl at university when John moved out).  Other guests included the gardener and some fellow cop.

Guests below:

From left: gardener, Olivier, cop, Mikhail, Veronique

Below from left: Celestine, gardener, cop, Olivier, Georgina (more about her in the next post), Mikhail.

Below Celestine, Georgina, gardener.

It had got dark by the time the cake was cut and guests had disappeared inside to eat the turkey.

But they returned to have cake.  John and Olivier relived varsity days.

The new Mrs Lillard tried desperately to get a job in the police, but fell pregnant before she could.  Will the new Lillard be a boy or a girl?