Just occasionally I have a favourite Sim.  Artois Heineken>Champagne was one of them.  He was grandson of another favourite, Jean-Philippe Champignon>Heineken and was a virtual clone of his granddad.  Both changed their birth names to the surnames of their wives.  JP was originally a Champignon when he (mistakenly) changed his name to his wife’s – Heineken.  Artois corrected this error by siring children with the surname of Champignon.  He changed his surname to the very similar Champagne when he met Isobel.  His life was obviously nearing the end at 74 so a couple of pics of his last day.

The final jam with his son, Akanami, and wife, Isobel.

His final touching kiss with Isobel before he went to work (he hadn’t bothered to retire).

Isobel went to bed early so she wasn’t awake when Artois returned from work, to find Death awaiting.

He had expected it but put up a token struggle.

He was 75.  His siblings had long since died and his best friend, Reefer, had been long dead.  He was basically the last of his generation in Veronaville.  The Icon is dead.

Family members, Celeste and Jean-Pierre (Artois’ grandson) discovered his body.

Akanami came out to find out what all the crying was about, and cried himself.

Isobel woke up to find herself a widow.

She needed psychiatric help.

She went out to Artois’ grave and mourned,

and went a bit loopy.

Akanami took to drinking for a while.  He would shortly become an elder himself.  He felt his mortality suddenly.

Artois is survived by six children – Akanami, Yves, Framboise, Cochonette, Ariane and Olivier; and thirteen grandchildren – Celestine, Jean-Pierre, Louis, Christine, Dominique (Yve’s twins), Ribena, Liam, Patric (Framboise’s kids), Lucy, Bob, Jack (Cochonette’s kids), and Hayden and Autumn (Ariane’s kids).  Of the grandchildren, Jean-Pierre, Christine, Dominique, Bob, Jack and Hayden have just headed off to university.  Bob is extremely ugly – he might be eliminated.

After a while time heals some things.  Akanami revealed to his stepmother (and sister-in-law) that he’d always been attracted to her.

They kissed.

Celeste wasn’t too pleased when she found out.

The sisterly fights began.  Isobel reminded Celeste that she had flirted with Artois so wasn’t innocent herself.  That was irrelevant according to Celeste and she always initiated the fights.  Oh dear.

Akanami was oblivious.

Young Jean-Pierre, in the meantime, had headed off to uni.  Akanami’s younger son, Louis, didn’t register anything of the events at all.