This is a bit of a mixed post.  I’ll start with Yves Champignon and his wife, Chrystal – or more specifically Chrystal.  She’s a bit of a dumb blonde.  She tried her best at the hair-dressing salon and wasn’t very successful at all.  [I just couldn’t figure out how to get people to agree to have a haircut and actually get them to sit down.  It worked in only one third of my attempts, so I gave up.]  Yves was sick of her not opening the business after she lost interest so he had the whole building demolished.  She belatedly closed the business after it was an empty patch of land at the front of the house.

She’s an idiot because she doesn’t eat.  Instead she drinks – yes she’s a drunk. 

She’ll go to the bar at every opportunity.

She’ll complain about being hungry, even though there’s food in the fridge,

then go back to drinking (which of course doesn’t fill her up)

no matter what time of day it is.

The twins have just left for university so I’m basically fast-forwarding through their lives.  If she starves, so be it – the idiot.

Yves just looks on, bemused, at his crazy wife.

Idiot.  I could kill her off but I’ll let her kill herself.  I could take away the bar, but then she might actually eat, which would be a shame really.

To another branch, briefly, just sharing a photo of Mac Reiner (son of Hollandia) having fun while gardening.

And finally, Spliff’s sister, Mary Jane.  She and husband, Grant Sharpe, lived opposite Artois and family in her father’s house.  Unfortunately, she was deemed uninteresting by the Sim god and she starved to death.

Grant found her dead on his return from work.  His grief killed him two days later.

Actually he starved as well, lacking a fridge, funnily enough.

How cruel the Sim god can be.