Sometimes I can’t get out of the habit of taking pics especially where there’s not much of a story to tell so occasionally I might post a brief update such as this one and the next one.

A couple of pics below show Peyote Champignon rescuing his granddaughter, Cherie, from the snow outside.  Somehow she found her way out there and everyone forgot about her.

Luckily the social worker didn’t come to pick her up.  Peyote’s a pretty happy chappy after fulfilling his lifetime want (Game designer).  He’s now 78 – one of the oldest Sims I’ve had for a while.

Mikhail Lillard’s sister, Alexis Menon, died in the penitentiary.  She was about 63.  Her sons didn’t mourn her.  Wayne Menon, in fact, has just been done away with at university.  Lex Menon is married to Edwina Sharpe and they have a baby, Alicia.

Mikhail is now a grandfather.  His son John and wife have just had a baby boy – Michael.  That’s Framboise Danaher to the left.  More of her woes in the next post.

Remember if you can’t figure out who’s who, check out the family tree link in the blogroll.