Seamus’ family never seems to be without its dramas.

His wife, Framboise, wanted to adopt their two baby daughters that she gave up long ago when Seamus was trying to get a boy (after 8 girls).  Seamus reluctantly agreed, even though he was now 69.  Unfortunately for them both, a dark-skinned boy was delivered.  Seamus tried again but yet another dark-skinned boy was delivered.  Their daughters had long since disappeared.  Oh dear.  Seamus then promptly died, age 71, leaving Framboise to deal with two boys she didn’t want.  Their own twin boys were still school age.

Their elder sister, Ribena, callously left her mother to it and skipped off to university.

The boys grew to teenagers not long after but while Framboise was at work, the twins were starving and overtired as a result of hanging around waiting for the damned babies to turn into toddlers.

Framboise had had enough.  She stuck the toddlers into a room with no doors and waited for the social worker to come pick them up.  She did, so then they could all breathe a sigh of relief and get back to the lives they had before the turmoil.  [Incidentally, the boys were adopted by Gallagher and Gabrielle Newson, but sadly they drowned in a pool.]

Over at Seamus’ other daughters’ place where his remaining daughters, Ciara, Begorrah and Hellia lived, Ciara was still single and unloved, Begorrah would soon be going to university and Hellia would finally become a teenager.  Then tragedy struck.  Lightning struck a tree just as the rain stopped and Hellia, instead of going to school, ran out to look at the fire and panic.

Naturally she got too close.

Begorrah, who I’d already sent off to school, did not get on the bus at all, but ran back to look at the fire as well.

Sadly, Hellia died.

Out of originally ten kids, eight of them girls, Seamus’ surviving kids numbered five.  I tried to get Begorrah to ignore the fire and head to school but she kept running back to the spreading fire.  Eventually, slowly, I got her far enough away so she could walk to school (having by now missed the bus).

Then Ciara woke up and joined the frenzy.

Finally the fire went out and Ciara went about her boring life.  I wouldn’t have minded if she’d died as well.  As it is, she’s starving herself, always drinking instead of visiting the fridge.  Another drunk in Veronaville.  Anyway, Begorrah headed off to university that evening complete with some money from an orphan’s fund.