Christophe Champignon and Erike De Marr decided to get married at night so that Erike’s vampire father and grandfather could attend.  Christophe’s only relative was his father (apart from his aunt Antoinette who he barely knew).  So Erike”s parents, Luka and Ginger, came along with Damien.

Is Luka trying to scare Antoine?

Erike introduced Christophe to her grandfather,

then the wedding went ahead.

When Luka started serenading his wife, Damien wasn’t too happy (remember he’d got quite close to Ginger in order to make her a vampire).

He took it out on Ginger.

The happy couple were oblivious, dancing with each other inside the house.

The happy couple are now parents. Erike got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Megane.