Celestine Champignon met the man of her dreams while at university (she’s now a junior).  His name was Gunnar Larsson.

They got engaged.

Flatting with them in the flash house at Academie le Tour, was her brother, Jean-Pierre, and Sorrow deMarr.  They hit it off as well.

They also got engaged.

Here are the two couples eating.

(Jean-Pierre has an ugly mouth.)

Sorrow’s aunt Amphyra, meanwhile, had seduced Gerard Langerak and got him to move in with her.  He was quite pleased as he’d had enough of his daughter, Michelle, continually moaning and fighting with the twins.  His wife, Elizabeth, needless to say, was none too pleased.

Gerard and Elizabeth’s daughter, Michelle was anorexic.  She refused to eat.  (She moaned about being hungry but would not go to the fridge full of food.)  Eventually she starved herself to death.

Twin, Robert, has gone to university.  His twin sister, Brew, refuses to do her homework so with a grade of F, she ain’t goin’ nowhere.