Things took a turn for the worse after Erike’s wedding when Damien and Luka had a falling out.

Damien felt it was time to leave.  He was, after all, a great-grandfather, something unheard of in Veronaville.  His father was one of the five children of the founding Collie family.  He’d ‘lived’ long enough.

He waited until Drako headed off to university, quit his job as cult leader and set aside this day to end it all (with a bit of Dutch courage).

He lay in the bed he once shared with Serena before they became vampires and hoped to die there, smoking in the sun.

But of course he couldn’t just lie there because he was hungry.  He tried several beds but none of them of course gave him any comfort.  Serena seemed to have had it easy, lying in the pool in the sun and dying rapidly.  Damien’s death was slow and painful.  Finally and too quickly for me to capture it, he became a pile of ashes beside his granddaughter’s bed.

Damien’s remains were buried beside Serena in the garden.

Not long after Damien’s demise, his daughter, Romania, died age 70.