Spliff’s new wife, Jessica, complained that the house was too small for 3 children (his 2 plus the expected baby).  So they all moved to the old house opposite the Lillards where no family to date has lived.

A fair bit of renovation needed doing to fit in a driveway and expand the tiny kitchen.

Spliff’s ex-wife, Georgia meanwhile gave birth to a baby girl (what a surprise – 85% of births in Veronaville seem to be girls).  She was called Anna.  Matthew wanted a son so he’s got Georgia pregnant again.

Spliff and Jessica were also expecting.  Jessica had a boy, called Marc.  You can imagine Matthew spewing.

Immediately after giving birth, Jessica put the baby on the floor and went to work.  She still looked pregnant as she waddled out.

Spliff is now an astronaut!

Spliff’s distant cousin, Olivier, and wife Veronique also had a baby – a boy called Remy.