Celestine finally finished her degree in Arts.  She didn’t bother with a graduation party (in fact the option didn’t come up on the phone) so she just headed back to Veronaville.  Gunnar (who was, by now, a Junior) dropped out to join her.  He’d only stuck around to keep her company.

The problem with ex-students is that there are no more cheap houses for them to buy on their return to Veronaville.  Instead, they mostly have to move into apartment buildings.  I rectified that yesterday by building a small two-bedroomed house just down the road from Mac Reiner.  Celestine and Gunnar moved into that.

They furnished the place and then tried to look for jobs.  Gunnar was unsuccessful (he wants to do journalism) but Celestine eventually found a job as an executive chef (her LTW to be a celebrity chef).  But before the job came up she and Gunnar got married.

They had a small wedding in the tiny backyard. 

Celestine invited her parents but visiting neighbours, Mac and Babik Reiner, happened to be there and witnessed the event. 

Celestine’s parents, meanwhile, missed the whole thing as they were busy dancing near the front door!

But they did join the wedding dinner.

The wedding party was a success.  Celestine’s mother, Celeste, wants six grandchildren, so Celestine is now pregnant.  I figure twins for each of Celeste’s three kids will do.  Celeste’s pretty unhappy so far.   A grandchild should cheer her up.  She fought so much with her sister, Isobel, that Isobel moved out and moved in with Olivier and his wife.  Now Isobel could see and look after her new grandson.