I’ve been playing Veronaville for a while now.  Do I head back to Pleasantview?  I don’t feel quite ready.  Another four-day update in Veronaville might be in order.  I’ve completely neglected playing Briony Langerak, the evil witch.  Her brother, Brett, is now an elder, married to Antoinette Champignon.  However, the Langeraks will no longer feature in this blog. 

Out of boredom? I created a list of average ages and sexes of babies born in Veronaville – to the Champignon family only so far.  The youngest Sim to die in old age is 63, the oldest 81.  The average age is 73.  There have been 33 boys born to the Champignon family and 30 girls (contradicting my impression that more girls than boys have been born lately).  I might do similar stats for other families but I can’t be bothered right now.

So, Veronaville? Or head back to Pleasantview?