Gerard and Amphyra were living happily together but hadn’t thought about marriage.  It was too late for Amphyra anyway.  The Grim Reaper met her on her return from work as a senator one afternoon.

She was 69.

Gerard was upset and considered selling up and moving back to his wife but decided to stay on for the moment in case Phoenix or Robert wanted the house.

So, of the four kids of Damien, only Luka remained.  He decided to get a couple of dogs to keep him company at night.

Scratching and licking away here is Vagon, the male.  Luka has already taught him to come, stay and play dead.

And here is Vindicta, the female.  She has been taught to speak.

Vagon has a job in security and has just been mated with Vindicta.

Ginger, meanwhile, has been trying to have a successful anniversary party but they haven’t quite got there, especially considering only one daughter turned up one time and the limit of two the next.  I’ll have to do the cheat to get more.

Luka and Ginger were grandparents.  Their eldest daughter, Erike, had given birth to Megane.  She grew to a toddler.

Erike still hadn’t found a job in her preferred career (crime) so she found herself pregnant again.  The pregnancy was hassle-free without any sickness or hunger or tiredness.

She gave birth to a boy (which Antoine and Christophe were happy about).

His name is Renaud.