The house in which Andrejz Champignon and family lived was the very first house lived in by founding family the Collies.  Andrejz was related to this family through his mother, Lithia who was granddaughter of Kenny Collie.  Neither Andrejz or his wife, Tui, or Andrejz’s father Peyote, had any particular feeling for the house so they sold up and moved across the river into a house just down the road from where Tui grew up (where her brother Mac now lives).

The house came partially furnished complete with helicopter pad and sleepout – ideal for elderly Peyote.  The girls, Portia and Cherie, finally had a bedroom each.  There was now room for a study and hobby room.  They could well afford the house, having close to half a million simoleons before the move.  Andrejz is now an executive chef and Tui is a medical researcher.  Portia has just grown into a teenager.

Peyote had done pretty well – he was the oldest Sim in Veronaville and was the last of his generation.  But his time had come.

He was 82, a retired game designer.

Everyone else was asleep, but Andrejz mourned.

(Bad light, sorry.)

Andrejz decided to sell the helicopter and pad and turn the sleepout into a garage.  The house didn’t have much land attached to it and Tui preferred a garden to a huge helicopter (which they barely used).  He could now put his beloved car in a garage (a picture of which was in the previous post behind Spliff).