Jean-Pierre Champignon and Sorrow deMarr finally graduated from the Academie and headed back to Jean-Pierre’s parents’ place.

Jean-Pierre’s younger brother, Louis, had just left for university.  Here he is sneaking back home after sneaking out on a date with a girl (I forget who it was now).

Must’ve been a nice date out in his pyjamas.  Anyway, he’s out of the way so Jean-Pierre and Sorrow could move in.

The wedding took place inside in the evening – 1) because it was winter and 2) so Sorrow’s vampire father could be there.

Sorrow’s parents were there as was Gunnar, Jean-Pierre’s brother-in-law. (Sister, Celestine, was working in her restaurant.)

They shared cake.

They kissed.

And had a successful wedding party.  Now to settle down and make babies, cos Celeste wants 6 grandkids (and only has one so far).

In other brief, random, news, Spliff’s young son, Marc, grew to school age.

You can see how much like his mother (Jessica Picaso) he looks.

And lastly, a random pic of Vasyl Indie’s daughter playing on the road. (Vasyl’s mother was one of Damien’s eldest daughters by his first marriage.  See the family tree link for clarification.)

I’m now heading over to Pleasantview, so see you there (see link for Pleasantview and Brokes).