Artois’ widow, Isobel, you may remember, had moved in with her son and daughter-in-law (Olivier and Veronique).  She was around long enough to look after her baby grandson, Remy,  for a while.  But then age caught up with her.  She was just about to change Remy’s nappy when the Grim Reaper turned up.

He sent her on her way.  Isobel was 72, a retired business tycoon.

Remy was on the floor crying the whole time.

Veronique was pregnant as you can see.  She gave birth to a girl, Yvette.

Remy grew to a toddler shortly after.

Veronique was not very good at coping with two young ones.

But then Remy grew to school age (and wasn’t happy)

and Yvette grew to a toddler.

Veronique is pregnant again and Olivier made sure she ate some cheesecake this time (cos he wants 6 kids).