Jack Landry (grandson of Artois) was married to Phoenix Newson (daughter of Garrett and Amphyra DeMarr) but he was cheating on her even after they got married. She didn’t know about this and had a baby boy called Garry.  One day she came home to find Jack in the hot tub with another woman, canoodling.  She sent him on his way.

Jack had nowhere to go and in desperation took a room in the house of Briony Langerak, evil witch.  Everything seemed fine for Jack at first, apart from the occasional urge to cluck like a chicken or being chased by a swarm of bees.  He was pleasantly surprised that Briony didn’t seem evil at all.  In fact her liked her a lot.

Briony, for her part, didn’t give a damn about Jack and heard about his infidelity.  She liked using him as the object of her spells and tried out a few…

Jack, found to  his dismay that he was piling on the weight, even though he wasn’t eating any more than he normally did and exercised.  He was worried that he wouldn’t be attractive to women, yet Briony seemed to like him.  He didn’t really want a relationship with a witch and yet…

Briony tried out a love spell, and found, both to her delight and disgust, that Jack fell in love with her.  She used this to her advantage.

Jack marvelled that he felt feelings for Briony – feelings he’d never felt before for anyone.  Was this love?  He wanted to look good for her and asked her to do a makeover on him, after finding a makeover chair suddenly appear in the house one day after work.  She readily agreed.

The result was devastating for Jack, but a pleasing success for Briony.  Jack now had a mullet hair style and makeup inexpertly smudged all over his face.  He was now fat and ugly and feared that people would laugh at him.  He asked if Briony could fix it up but she said she was very happy with his new look and refused to change it.  Jack got depressed.

Briony, meanwhile, had an offer from Luka DeMarr.  He wanted to make a woman a vampire so this woman could make his son a vampire when the time came.  Luka’s wife wanted him to take a vampricillin.  Perhaps he’d also heard about what Briony had being doing to his niece’s ex-husband and approved. Briony was delighted at the offer – to become an evil vampire witch!  The opportunity fitted in nicely with her final plan for Jack’s humiliation.

Briony deliberately became pregnant and after the birth (of a boy she named Warlock) she abandoned Jack and the baby and moved in with the DeMarrs.  Jack woke up in his single bed (for some reason Briony no longer wanted him in her bed) and discovered a crying baby and no Briony.  Evidently she’d given birth while he was asleep and gone out.  He waited and eventually went up to Briony’s spell room, only to discover the room empty.  She’d left him literally holding the baby.

Luka passed on the news to Phoenix who was delighted.  She thanked the sim god for the sweet revenge.