I’m back with a new graphics card, and Sims works! (thanks to downloading a new driver). I was beginning to despair when Sims just wouldn’t load.  The quality of the pictures should now be better than they were.

During that whole month away from the Sims, the god decided on making some changes. Some Sims have to go – they’re surplus to requirements. Fresh Sim blood is needed. There’s too much intermarriage with just about everyone marrying a member of the Champignon family. Some of the houses will be demolished or renovated. Some new ones may be built. And after 10 generations have been reached, they’ll all be killed off. The Sims in Veronaville aren’t going to like it.

I started off with Yves Champignon and his family. Yves, you may remember, is the second son of Artois. His wife, Chrystal, was a drunkard with a failed beauty salon business. One of their twin daughters, Dominique, was killed off at university.

Yves was 63 when he locked himself in the bathroom. His wife was similarly locked in a bedroom. I expected her to die first because she was hungrier. But no – Yves died first.

Chrystal went crazy when she learned of his death.

But she died shortly after anyway.  She had just turned 64.

Their remaining daughter, Christine, was left alone in the house.  She didn’t want to marry, have kids or start a career (having just returned from university where her sister died).  She killed herself in the pool.

A new person to the neighbourhood, Vince Moody,  had moved in to the family home just before Christine took that fatal swim so that he could send her headstone on its way to the cemetery, reap the rewards of the 300,000 simoleans and choose from a houseful of furniture.  But he then had to move out because the house was to be demolished.

And it was.  So ends one branch of the Champignon family.