Not long before the graphics card died, Jean-Pierre Champignon (eldest son of Akanami) married Sorrow DeMarr.

Surprisingly Akanami and his son didn’t appear to get on.  Perhaps it was because Jean-Pierre had become a mere teacher and was not working towards becoming famous like his father, grandfather and great-great grandfather before him.  Akanami was, however, very attracted to Jean-Pierre’s new wife.  Sorrow, meanwhile, had become pregnant and had a baby girl before I’d even cottoned onto the fact she was rather large.  Sorrow named the girl Serenity and handed her over to her mother-in-law who was delighted (Celeste wants 6 grandchildren).  Sorrow barely looked at her daughter after that.  Celeste took care of her.

Akanami had become rather too attracted to Sorrow.  While Jean-Pierre was at work, Akanami and Sorrow were flirting and carrying on before I realised it.  Akanami had just jumped into Sorrow’s arms when Jean-Pierre walked through the door, returning from work.

Akanami and Sorrow figured that since Jean-Pierre angrily accused them of  ‘cheating’ (merely hugging) they may as well really cheat…

Celeste is either unaware of the affair or doesn’t care.  She only cares for her granddaughter.

The relationship between Akanami and Jean-Pierre has only worsened.

What will happen now?  Will Jean-Pierre and Sorrow break up, so soon after their marriage?  Will Akanami still want Jean-Pierre in the house as his heir or will he choose his younger son, Louis?  Will Akanami and Sorrow continue cheating?

Worse is to come.  Sorrow is now pregnant again – with her father-in-law’s child.