Warning – some pictures of the dying may offend.

Further to the deaths of Yves, Chrystal and Christine Champignon the following Sims died:

Gypsy Miguel (gamer) and her husband, Tucker (hall of famer).  Gypsy was related to Damien DeMarr through his first marriage.  They leave a daughter currently at university. Both died in fires;

Ciara Danaher, the eldest of three surviving children of Seamus Danaher’s ten kids.  She died in a fire.  The Danaher family home has now been emptied of contents;

Cochonette Landry (69, mad scientist and twin daughter of Artois), her husband George (66, celebrity chef) and daughter Lucy.  All starved to death.

Lucy was the first to die, followed by Cochonette.

Such an accusatory look from Cochonette.  Lastly, George…

Their son, Jack, remains;

Next for the chop was Elizabeth Langerak, 66, widow of the recently deceased Gerard and mother of the recently deceased student, Robert.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Alex Lillard.  A daughter, Brew (currently at university), remains.  Elizabeth drowned in the pool…

Some idiot, flat-nosed townie had jumped in after her.

The steps magically reappeared allowing the townie to get out;

Lastly, Waylon Menon, who was incarcerated in the Sim prison years ago, finally died naturally at age 75.  He hung on to the bitter end despite not having anything to entertain himself.

Eleven deaths in total for this round.  The cemetery is filling up.