There have been four more deaths in Veronaville since the big cull.  Another family of three (who had already lost a daughter) and the husband of another family of three.  (If you’re interested the family names are Jacquet and Indie but I haven’t really blogged about them.  You can see where they fit in in the family tree at  There was now room for some new blood.

I’ve previously mentioned Vincent Moody, but a new family has just moved “back” to Veronaville – Antonio Monty and his twins, Beatrice and Benedick.  They’ve been languishing in the bin since I first started playing.  The rest of the Montys and Caps had long ago been erased from Veronaville.  Antonio had less than 20,000 simoleons and only one house was available to buy.  It was situated in a corner between the old Cap manor (now home of the Lillards) and a Champignon residence (former home of the founding Champignon member, Raoul).

Autumn Newson, daughter of Garrett and Arianne (nee Champignon), had just returned from uni without a boyfriend or even having had a first kiss.  Initially she moved in with Vincent Moody in his cool new pad (recently downloaded).  But despite their physical appearances matching the other’s wants, neither liked each other.  It was probably their starsigns – Aquarius and Scorpio don’t get on too well.  So, Autumn moved in with the widowed Antonio.  Luckily they were attracted to each other.  Before long Antonio sprung a surprise proposal on Autumn over a meal one evening.

Fat Antonio had a day off from his work as executive chef (he does exercise but it hasn’t resulted in any weight loss yet).  The wedding was set to take place in the tiny backyard.  Autumn invited her parents and siblings as well as Vincent Moody and Morannon (Drako DeMarr’s new girlfriend).

From left: Beatrice Monty, Autumn, Garrett, Antonio, Vincent and Arianne (I don’t know what’s upset her).

Below: the siblings Hayden, Ciren and Autumn

Hayden appears to be holding two cakes but Ciren’s arm is inside Hayden – magical alien powers, perhaps.

The wedding was a success.  Guests had a good time.

Autumn luckily remembered to hire a nanny so she and Monty could go on honeymoon.  On their return, Autumn found herself pregnant.