You may (or may not) remember that Matthew and Jessica Picaso split up soon after arriving in Veronaville, marrying colleagues Spliff and Georgia Champignon (who had also split up).  Spliff and Georgia’s adult children, Georges and Genevieve, are now married.  General Spliff (seen below) had a son, Marc, with wife Jessica and she was pregnant with another child.

However, all was not well in either household.  Matthew and Georgia had two children, Anna and Tony, but Matthew realised that he had fallen out of love with Georgia (who was now old) and still had feelings for Jessica.  Georgia and Matthew fought more often and Georgia also realised that she was still in love with Spliff.

Spliff for his part was quite happy with Jessica and she had just given birth to another boy, Nicolas.  It was with surprise then when he came home to discover a red rose for Jessica on the doorstep with a note from Matthew.  He spoke to Jessica about it that evening (or rather argued with her).

He was not impressed.  What was worse was coming outside the following evening to find Jessica and Matthew flirting.

This was too much.

He told Jessica to leave, without her baby son.

Once Jessica had left (or had she?) Spliff dealt with Matthew who was hanging around.

Strangely, Jessica didn’t leave but hung about.  It was disgustingly obvious to Spliff that Jessica had been having an affair for some time…

It was amazing that Jessica had got pregnant to Matthew virtually the same day she had given birth to Nicolas.

Over at Matthew’s place, Georgia found Matthew and Jessica together.

Matthew confessed to Georgia and asked her to leave.

Matthew and Georgia’s daughter, Anna, was furious with her father.

Georgia did leave but she spent a few days at her brother Garrett’s place (the god had mistakenly put her in the wrong “Newson” house).  Shortly after she left her brother’s, his wife Arianne (last seen at her daughter’s wedding) died at age 63.

[Now there are only three of Artois’ offspring left.]

Georgia moved back into Spliff’s house and they remarried.  Georgia helped look after baby Nicolas.

Matthew and Jessica were happy to be back together again.

Matthew thought it best that Anna go with her mother so he took her over to Spliff’s and left her there.  Now it was just him and Jessica and his son Tony (and another on the way).  Matthew and Jessica also remarried.