Louis (the reticent loner son of Akanami and Celeste) dropped out of university and headed over to Bluewater village, apparently wanting to stay far away from his mad family.  He moved in with Florence Delarosa, the village’s florist.  Rather than being the wild son I’d imagined him to be when he was a teen, he’s completely different.  He wears rather old-fashioned clothes (he hasn’t been shopping yet) and now wears glasses.  Rather than get a high-powered job or a job in the entertainment industry, he’s decided to help Florence out in the shop.  Just imagine Akanami’s reaction (who didn’t like the choice of career of his older son Jean-Pierre).

Louis, unconventionally, doesn’t want to marry Florence but does love her.  Florence doesn’t want to give up her surname and Louis doesn’t see why he should give up his.  He thinks marriage is a waste of time anyway.  So, any children they have will keep the Delarosa name and continue in the florist business.

Florence is now pregnant.  They’re both hoping for a girl.

That puts paid to Akanami’s option of having Louis as his heir instead of Jean-Pierre.