Finally!   I got a new graphics card and we got Mansions and Gardens working.  Yay!

I think, from memory, I had got up to the family of Artois’ youngest son, Olivier.  He has four kids and Veronique is pregnant again.  Nothing has changed in the two days I played them.

Over to Akanami and family.  You may or may not remember that he and his son, Jean-Pierre, were not on good terms, mainly because Akanami was having an affair with Jean-Pierre’s wife, Sorrow.

Well Sorrow is now pregnant….

I love the babies and toddlers in Sims 2.  It’s such a change from the ugly and boring babies and toddlers of Sims 3.  It’s such a delight that Sims can interact with their babies, as below, rather than just carry a package around.

Baby Serenity grew to a toddler.

Akanami and Sorrow below make fun of Celeste, who’s the only one teaching Serenity to walk and talk and sing nursery rhymes.

The pictures aren’t the sharpest, not sure why…  I didn’t upload to Photobucket, which I normally do (and will again from now on).

I’m now going to play Pleasantview for a bit (to reacquaint myself with the Sims there).  I will only play a couple of days each family so will be back here soon.