Jessica insisted on continuing access to her baby son, Nicolas.

It was Georgia, however, who was there for his birthday.

Jessica kept visiting though…

She didn’t show any interest in her older son, Marc.  He grew into a teen and didn’t seem too happy about it.

Stepsister, Anna, thought his ears looked funny (they were pointy!)

"Haha! You look like an alien!"

Jessica finally had the baby at home.

They called him David (that’s probably the most common name I’ve used in Sims apart from ‘John’).

Matthew wasn’t having the greatest of times with the new baby.

Some idiot didn’t take the rubbish all the way outside so the inevitable happened – cockroaches – in the house.  Ugh.

(Sorry these pics are always so much clearer when I take them.)

The exterminator was called in.

Then after the nanny washed the baby, the plumbing broke down…

It was one thing after another…

Over to Georges’ place (Spliff’s son).  They had a baby girl called Miranda.

She was pretty undemanding so Georges and Ribena were able to do all sorts of things.

Georges even tried his hand at fixing the dishwasher…

As you can see, Ribena was pregnant.  They were hoping for a boy.  Miranda’s birthday came around and Ribena was about to pick her up when she went into labour.

I think that’s the first time I’ve had 2 babies that weren’t twins.  The new baby was another girl they named Catriona (pronounced Katrina).

Georges picked up Miranda.

She looks like a boy.

Do they try again for a boy to continue that line of the Champignon family or will the line die out, leaving only one Champignon branch?