Mikhail finally obtained his gold badge for robotics and made a servo called Micky.

I hadn’t realised they were actually playable.  Cool!  Micky, suitably named because he was made by Mikhail, called up the garden club – something no-one else had ever done.

He met the spokesman for the club and they went around the garden (the front only, it seems) to inspect.

She liked the statues.

She found fruit trees that needed spraying.  Micky did that while she looked elsewhere.  She didn’t like the state of part of the hedge.

That’s because no-one could get to it because of the light.   She thought some of the bushes needed trimming.

Another chap was making notes.

She did like the fountain.

The garden passed inspection.  The Lillards are now members of the Garden Club.  My first Sims to have done so.

Mikhail’s grandson, Michael, had a birthday.

From child, to teen…

He’s rather ugly.  His younger siblings, the twins, don’t get on.

That’s Michael watching before his birthday.  He’s next to the munchie bot which hasn’t worked for me yet (when it’s activated naturally).