The evil witch vampire continued her studies in the dark arts.

Someone got the dogs to mate…

It had been tried several times before but this time it worked (queue baby music).  Morannon is also pregnant.

Ginger reached her last day of life.

She was a retired detective, just 65.

Drako immediately started grieving but Luka ignored it completely and starting flirting with the evil vampire witch.

He even serenaded her.

I thought he might grieve later, but no.  Instead he proposed.

Drako believes she’s put a spell on him.

A day later the baby was born! Puppy that is.

Just the one.  At a loss for names, he was called Thor.

He’s very cute but I couldn’t get in close enough.

Here he is with dad.

This household is running very slowly, at least it takes forever to save and the computer struggled a bit with the birth of the pup.  I wonder if I should move them all into a smaller house?  I don’t like this house anyway.  I should also move the headstones to a cemetery but there are only three of them now.  (The Goth household in Pleasantview has heaps and it runs fine.)  This house has always run a bit slow so I might seriously consider a smaller, more compact. place.  Whaddya reckon?