Veronique went into labour..

The first time she did, she had a boy and a girl.  But I must’ve pressed a key by mistake before naming them and they ended up being Baby Girl and Baby Boy Champagne.  I didn’t want that so I didn’t save and tried again.  This time she had twin girls.  Olivier came to see her going into labour then promptly left her to it.  She named them Helene and Cuvee.

Although Veronique was relieved that now she’d had 6 kids and didn’t have to be pregnant anymore, things got pretty hectic.

One out of four might be happy but with a toddler screaming, babies didn’t get much sleep.

Veronique was exhausted.

This baby’s even levitating.

Veronique could take no more and hired a nanny.

As usual all the nanny did was fetch bottles and piss on the floor.

A perfect stranger paid more notice to one of the toddlers than the nanny did (she didn’t want another bottle but to be put to bed).

Having a nanny didn’t help much with the chaos.

At one point the nanny was heading outside when babies and toddlers wanted nappies changed or to be put to bed.

Where the hell was she going?

Nobody got much attention.

There was a bit of family time – with the older kids.

But that didn’t mean anyone was happy upstairs.

Talking of stairs, there was a bit of a traffic jam…

The maid couldn’t get down and the kids couldn’t go up.

Finally the toddlers had a birthday.  It wasn’t the happiest of affairs.

Remy, the eldest, didn’t have the happiest of birthdays either.  Nobody was there for it.

It should be a little easier now that there is only one set of demanding babies and a teen in the house to help out.