Sorrow gave birth to a girl, and yes, the baby’s father was Sorrow’s father-in-law.

She named the baby Raven.

Unfortunately it was a vampire.


Raven had a quick birthday.

She had normal eyes (not the custom ones of the family).

She had a tendency to burn in the sun,

so she obviously wasn’t destined to last long.

To prevent the social worker getting onto the apparent neglect and taking away Serenity as well, Jean-Pierre took her away.

(Magic, how she clings without support.)

Jean-Pierre was about to feed her but…

she died before she could pick it up.

Jean-Pierre returned home to find his mother and wife fighting.

Apparently Celeste had caught Akanami and Sorrow in bed together – again!

What she’d like to do to Sorrow…

Akanami had enough of the fights and broke up with Celeste.

Celeste left to move in with her daughter, Celestine, and help out with the twin boys.

What will Jean-Pierre do?  Will he stay to see his father and wife carry on? Or will he take whatever shred of self-esteem he has left and leave with his daughter?  Will Akanami and Sorrow try again for a son?   Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Akanami’s second son, Louis, had had a daughter with Florence Delarosa in Bluewater village.

Her name is Hyacinth.  She is now a toddler.

Here’s Louis trying his best in the shop…