There have been three.

The DeMarr family collected their belongings and moved into a grey castle-like house just down the road.

Not long after moving in Morannon gave birth to a boy, Vincent.

Celeste and her daughter’s family moved from their small house into an already occupied two-storey house that I haven’t used at all in the game.  I ejected the existing inhabitants after the family moved in.  There is more space and it’s a nicer house more befitting a celebrity chef (Celestine).  About a day after moving in, Celeste did some painting after putting the twin toddlers to bed…

but Death was just on its way…

She was 72.

Christophe Champignon’s house (the home of the Champignon founder) is another that is slow or makes the game crash.  The game crashed rather badly last time so I evicted the family (without their belongings) and stuck them into a small house where one of the Collie family used to live.  As I was also sick of the bland and uninteresting Christophe, I killed him off and their teenage daughter, Megane.  Widow, Erike (formerly DeMarr) and son, Renaud, are left.