Mikhail Lillard, son of Alex, and grandson of Katya Borsch, was the oldest living Sim in Veronaville.  All his contemporaries had long since died.

He celebrated his 80th birthday.

His oldest grandson, Michael, had just left for university.  He looked over at his ugly granddaughter…

and wondered if the Sim god would get rid of her.  Mikhail was old enough to realise that ugly Sims tended to die young.

He would never find out…

The respected retired head of the SCIA died that evening.

The ugly granddaughter seemed oblivious as she grew to teenhood while others mourned Mikhail’s loss.

Amelia’s twin brother, Jared, then grew up.

Alas, he had the ugly gene as well.

They mourned a bit more in the bathroom (why there, I don’t know).

John, meanwhile, had slept through the whole thing.