Things were ticking along nicely.  Akanami loved his baby son.

The boy quickly grew to a toddler.

But Jean-Pierre kept hanging around the family home.  He even, bravely, brought his new wife.

Akanami found her attractive as well.

He tried chatting her up.

He used his charm…

but the new daughter-in-law, Cheryl, found him old and boring.

She refused his attempt to hug.

However, he slyly tricked her into an earthy hug…

I think Sorrow’s safe though.  Cheryl is playing hard to get and is not attracted to Akanami.

Meanwhile, Jean-Pierre continues to hang around as if he still lives in the place.

Sorrow didn’t like it so Akanami told him off.

I doubt whether it will work.  He says he’s only there for his daughter, but he pays little attention to her.