I may have gone overboard with the pics so bear with me…

Vampire witch, Bryony, insisted on staying up during daylight hours so she was often hungry, tired and dirty.

However, she seemed to enjoy looking after the baby, Vincent.  Perhaps she missed her son.

She was the one that was there for Vincent’s birthday.

And she still stayed up after dawn.

Bryony seemed jealous when Morannon taught Vincent a nursery rhyme so she cast a spell on her.

The spell made Morannonn sick.

Bryony could then pick up Vincent…

Evil witch.

Things didn’t seem to be going on too well between Bryony and Luka.  Bryony refused Luka’s advances and pushed him away.

They argued.

With all the staying up beyond dark, I thought Bryony would quickly starve.  But to my surprise, the pregnant Morannon was the one to quickly succumb just before she was about to eat.

Luka was too far away to plead with death and Drako was at work at the time.  Bryony did  nothing to save Morannon.

Drako was naturally distraught.  He’d lost a wife and child.

Even the pup, now an adult, howled.

Luka took pity on his son, and headed for the phone to Death.

He hoped he’d paid enough to prevent Morannon being a zombie.

She wasn’t.

However, she wasn’t quite the person she was.  She seemed not to remember her husband at all.

She treated Drako like a stranger.

Drako was upset but lost himself in music.

Bryony had, by this time, reached starvation.

Of course Morannon didn’t plead with Death.  Why would she?

So Luka lost his vampire.  The household is without one for the first time in decades.  Will there ever be another?

Drako, meantime, will have to woo his wife all over again.