Anna couldn’t wait to get to university to see Remy.  She’d heard from stepbrother, Marc, that Remy and new girlfriend, Beatrice, had had a fight and there was an opportunity to get in there.  But on second thoughts, she and Tekila had a talk and Anna decided she’d let Tekila have him.
Instead, Anna thought she’d check out Michael Lillard.  The family lived across the road in the impressive mansion – she could just imagine herself living there as Michael’s wife.

Putting her plan into action, Anna rang Michael up at university and explained that she was going to move into his dorm and that since they had been neighbours perhaps he’d show her round.  He agreed and she was eager to get there (she had no idea what he looked like!).

Anna had her last meal with the family that evening, before setting off for university.

And off she went.

Marc wasn’t going to follow his parents’ footsteps in the army – he wanted to get into the adventure career.  Spliff was disappointed but thought he’d train Nicolas up instead.