Friends, Marc and Remy ended up in the same dormitory.  Unsurprisingly, Remy completely forgot about Tekila and found himself immediately attracted to Beatrice Monty.

Marc, meanwhile, was attracted to cousin Cherie Champignon (daughter of Andrejz).  (Notice Marc’s lost his pointy ears.)

The attraction Remy felt for Beatrice was mutual.

Marc rather liked Beatrice too.

Remy was a possessive boyfriend though.  He followed Beatrice around and watched her like a hawk.

Remy happened to be at the student centre when Beatrice was approached and flirted with by none other than Michael Lillard.

Remy got rather angry and took it out on Beatrice.

She’d done nothing but Remy acted as if she’d kissed Michael.

Beatrice wondered how on earth he could be jealous – Michael was one of the ugliest men she’d ever seen.

Marc, meanwhile had it off with cousin Cherie, but he lay there wondering if it was such a good idea.

Over to another dormitory where Michael Lillard was living.  He’d grown a moustache to try to hide his ugly mouth but it wasn’t doing much.  He’d heard from his grandfather that a secret society had a cosmetic surgery machine.  His grandfather had used it successfully.

So Michael set out to the student centre (where he met Beatrice) to try and track down students in blazers.  He was successful and quickly made friends with three of them.  Then that night they took him away.

He was released outside a castle-like building and greeted by numerous students.  He was given his own blazer.

He didn’t muck around and sought out the machine.

It was a success on the first try.

Only the mouth and slanty eyes were different.  He went to the bathroom to shave off his mo.

He looked and felt a new man.  Now he could get any woman he wanted.  He was so pleased.