Tekila arrived at university and moved into Remy’s dorm.  She looked for him and found him playing chess in his dressing gown.  He looked up and didn’t recognise her at first (she’d had yet another haircut).  Then he realised and grinned.  He was happy to see her.

Tekila wasted no time in kissing him.

Seems Beatrice was just a passing fling.

That meant that Marc was free to move in on Beatrice.  It seemed she liked Marc as much as he liked her.

In fact they loved each other so much he proposed to her there and then (in case Remy should change his mind).

Beatrice accepted.

Beatrice’s twin brother, Benedick, is living in a student flat with Tekila’s sister, Sherry.

In the same dorm as Michael Lillard there was the exiled Malcolm Landgraab.  He got friendly with Alicia Menon (cousin of Michael Lillard).  In fact, they were more than friendly.

Alicia accepted.  But she couldn’t return to her parents in Bluewater village, as Malcolm was banned from returning.  He also had to take her surname when they married.  Alicia wondered if one day they could sneak back to Bluewater – who would know?

Lastly, Anna moved into the same dorm and got friendly with Michael Lillard.  Surprisingly they hit it off immediately.

Michael found her very pretty and he proposed!

Naturally Anna was very happy to accept and it had all happened so quickly!

So everyone was matched up and happy except, of course, Cherie Champignon.  What would become of her?