Monica Newson’s husband was half alien.  She knew the risk she took in marrying him and having children.  When the child grew to a toddler she couldn’t bear to look at it with those large flat eyes and flat nose.  She head over to Bluewater village with the boy while her husband slept and entered the establishment.  Mrs Landchild happened to be at the computer when she arrived.

Mrs Landchild noted down all the details and went out to pick up the child.

Monica left and almost immediately rang the adoption agency to adopt a “normal” toddler.  (Armando, the normal-looking, arrived the next morning.)

Mrs Landchild took the boy upstairs.

She deposited him in a cot and went downstairs to do a bit of painting.

The boy looked around.

He must’ve wondered where he was.


The uglier of Antonio Monty’s twin sons was dropped off.  The boy, Curtis, is now being kept busy in the vege garden.