Drako had to be patient with Morannon’s amnesia.  He let her get to know him all over again in  her own time.  Slowly she became attracted to him.

Then she went into labour.

The baby was essentially brought back from the dead but as it was a girl and not a boy she was named Lazaria.

However, the relationships showed that Lazaria was born out of wedlock!  Drako had to get engaged and married all over again to his own wife!

The wooing continued and Morannon fell in love with Drako (again).

She even proposed.

Finally, Drako thought, they could get married and continue on as they were.

The wedding was set for the next day… but

she refused!

{This is the second wedding refusal in a row (see Landgraab blog) so I hope it’s not an ongoing occurrence.]

Luka was disappointed on his son’s behalf.

Amazingly Morannon came onto her (former) father-in-law but Luka was having none of that!

He told her off.  Morannon tried hugging Drako instead.

Nope.  She couldn’t run hot and cold and expect people to accept it!  Drako was not a happy man.

Meanwhile the kids got a bit neglected.

Buried in the dog basket…

When Luka and Drako are at work, Morannon has a hard time looking after the kids and also stopping the dogs destroying furniture and pissing everywhere.