I had completely forgotten to blog about some university students.  Remy and his (now) fiancee flatted with Benedick Monty and Sherry Reiner (who loved each other).  Benedick and Sherry starved to death.  I had pictures but can’t be bothered uploading them.

I then got rid of an entire family of a couple and a teenage son.  Their daughter was taken away by the social worker but was subsequently adopted by the woman’s half-sister.

Next on the hit list was the older (uglier) daughter of Georges Champignon as his wife was pregnant again and they didn’t have room for a third child.

Another case of a disappearing ladder.

Her mother didn’t seem to notice her passing at all.  She was busy enjoying her pregnancy.

The new baby was a boy, Francis, named after his great great great grandfather, Francois.

The next day when Ribena was off to work, the nanny started cooking then went off to have a swim.

The fireman couldn’t get to the fire because the idiot nanny was standing in the way.

I thought Georges might be the next to die, but he fought the fire bravely.

Finally the idiot nanny moved so the fireman could join the fight.

Georges wasn’t best pleased with the idiot nanny, as you can imagine.  She got fired (haha).

Finally, on this round of deaths, the deceased witch vampire’s ex-lover (and father of her child), Jack Landry, died of starvation after their son headed off to university.

I might now head over to Pleasantview to kill off most of them (and let the blog die, I think).

[Apologies for the small pics but Photobucket was down and I uploaded these in haste without editing them.  What the photo shows is never what I actually see when the photo is taken – they always include heaps around the edges, the bastards. Will have to remember to have the ceiling showing.]