John Lillard’s second son, Jared, was ugly.  He had a fish face.  Not sure where he got it from although John isn’t anything to look at.

Jared dived into the pool for a swim.

Oh, oops – no ladder!

Some passing idiot dived in.

Jared swam in his own urine.

Jared got tired and started drowning.  The passer-by appears to be trying to save him…

but no.

Jared drowned…

Stupidly, while the others mourned,

Jared’s mother dived in…

Miraculously the ladder reappeared so no further harm done.

Amelia by now realised that ugly Sims tended to die young so she did her best to tart herself up and hope the Sim god didn’t notice her.

Just to be sure, she asked the genie for beauty.

Meanwhile John seemed to want to kill himself by setting fire to the kitchen.

However, someone called the fire brigade.  You’d think in such a posh house they’d have a fire alarm, but they didn’t.

I got him to fix the computer.

I half hoped he’d electrocute himself, but he didn’t, sadly.

Unaccountably, John lost most of his hair on his birthday.

He wasn’t the brightest spark and spent most of the time playing music, ignoring his health.

When he was hungry he headed to the bar instead of the fridge.

He’ll probably starve himself, the idiot.