Marc graduated and moved back home with Beatrice.  Spliff and Georgia were nearing their end and Nicolas was still school age and was in danger of getting taken away by the social worker.

Marc and Beatrice married as soon as possible to fulfil Spliff’s wish.

They didn’t have a wedding party.  If Marc had invited his mother there might have been jealousy from Georgia.  Georgia continued to flirt with her ex-husband, Matthew anyway.  Spliff saw that the new couple were happy.

Not a moment too soon.  Death came for Spliff…

It was a good send-off.

He was 70.

Georgia mourned,

and Nicolas too, when he woke up.

Marc disliked Georgia (because of her constant flirting with Matthew who visited) and would’ve liked to have kicked her out but Beatrice begged him to let her stay since she had little time left.

Sure enough, the following evening it was time for Georgia to die.

I don’t think anyone mourned for her.  She too was 70.

Now it’s just Marc and his wife and his little brother, Nicolas.  But not for long.  Beatrice is pregnant.