Michael Lillard returned home from university (he dropped out).  His father, John, wasn’t too pleased about that since his daughter was too busy looking in the mirror to do her homework and with a grade of D- was not going anywhere near a university.

However, with Michael’s return, John had enough friends to get promoted and finally achieve his LTW of Captain Hero.

Micky the robot ran amok again and shocked the visiting Simone Champagne.

Caryl  had to fix Micky.

She began to wonder if it was worth having a robot.

Michael’s fiancee, Anna Picaso, moved in and they set the wedding for the next evening.

Some couldn’t be bothered dressing up, it seems.

Among the guests were Marc Champignon and his new wife, Remy and fiancee, Tekila and Anna’s father and brother.

John, now an elder, talks to Tekila.

Caryl talks to Matthew Picaso.

Marc’s wife, Beatrice, is heavily pregnant.

John and Caryl talk to Anna’s stepbrother, Marc.

The newly-weds eat.  “Can we redecorate this place?”

Anna talks to her brother, Tony, who she hadn’t seen since they were separated as children.

Marc’s little brother, Nicolas, was there too.

It was a very successful wedding.