Andrejz Champignon’s daughter, Portia, was married to Simon Arends.  They lived in an apartment and had a little boy called Tim.

[Tim has magical powers?]

Their neighbour was Alicia Menon (related to the Lillards and recently engaged to the now deceased Malcolm Landgraab).  Alicia and Simon had an affair and Alicia fell pregnant.  Portia found out about the affair and she and Simon had a fight in Alicia’s apartment.

Alicia slapped Portia.

and they also fought.  Alicia won.  (That’s Alicia’s lodger looking on.}

Portia and Simon had actually moved out of the apartment and into Andrejz’s house but they tend to hang around.  They even left Tim, now a toddler, in the apartment.

Portia was shocked to find out Alicia gave birth to Simon’s baby.

Simon now had a daughter, named Samantha.

So things were not great between Simon and Portia, as you can imagine.  To make matters worse at home, Portia’s mother, Tui, died at age 65.