Akanami is now 81 and still going strong.  His granddaughter, Serenity, is now a teenager

and rocking on.

So life in Akanami’s household was going along swimmingly.

Not so for his son, Jean-Pierre, over in Bluewater.

Jean-Pierre’s wife, Cheryl, had had enough of the twin girls, Sally and Katy.  They were never happy even though they had toys to play with.  She couldn’t potty train them because of it and just felt run down trying to cater to their needs.  Jean-Pierre wasn’t much help at all – he was always on the computer.  Cheryl was fed up.

So Cheryl made a radical decision.  She took the twins to Landchild Home (for Rejects).

Mrs Landchild took in Katy first.

While Mrs Landchild was gone, Cheryl called for a taxi and left Sally to it.

Mrs Landchild came back for Sally who was, by now, quite cold.

The twins seemed a lot happier and randomly hugged each other.

Cheryl returned home but couldn’t go on.  She killed herself.

Jean-Pierre was devastated at losing his baby daughters and then his wife.

It was the end for Jean-Pierre…

I imagine the rest of the family would be in shock.  It was a sudden whim of the Sim god (who got fed up with the whole household!).