Things were not improving in the DeMarr household.  Morannon was not connected with reality,

or with people.

She neglected Lazaria just as she’d neglected Vincent.

She also neglected herself.

(Note the dog pissing nearby.)

Drako was exhausted with having to look after the kids and working fulltime.  He didn’t have time to check that Morannon was looking after herself.

Eventually she starved.

Perhaps it was for the best.  She’d never been the same after dying the first time.

Luka, meanwhile, was having a ball.

He’d been having it off with Ciren’s wife, Monica.  She was pregnant with Luka’s child!

Naturally they broke up, leaving Luka free to marry.

Monica had a girl, called Lucia.

Lazaria grew up.

Drako, meanwhile, had tried to go on blind dates, but without success.  He was as lonely as ever.

After this batch of photos was taken, Vincent was dangerously close to being taken away by the social worker for not doing his homework.  Luka took it upon himself to move out with Vincent to an apartment to get his grades up while protecting the other two children.  He finally did get to a B just before he grew to a teenager.  During that time, Lucia grew to a toddler.  Also, two of the dogs have run away (who were also neglected).