Celestine’s husband, Gunnar, was visiting Sorrow (formerly his wife’s sister-in-law followed by “stepmother”!).  Sorrow was now a widow living with her sister, Erike, and children, Serenity and Romain.

To my surprise, Sorrow and Gunnar were in love with one another and before long, Gunnar had decided to move in!

Gunnar then had to invite his wife over to break up with her!

Celestine left…. eventually.

Gunnar proposed to Sorrow.

When Sorrow accepted, they married.

It seemed neither of them could be bothered with a proper wedding.

Sorrow was a Champignon no longer.  After her third marriage she was now a Larsson.

Romain was rather sad about his half-sister(!)’s marriage breakup.

Celestine wasn’t unhappy for long.  It appeared she and Andrejz Champignon (a distant cousin) were attracted to one another!  He was quite a bit older than her but that didn’t stop her proposing when he visited.  Perhaps she was lonely.

Andrejz accepted and moved in.  They had a private wedding in the backyard, not even waiting for Celestine’s twin sons to return home from school.

Celestine Larsson née Champignon was now again Celestine Champignon.