Sorrow is now pregnant by husband number 3, the ex-husband of her own ex-husband’s sister.  (I’m starting to get confused.)  Her sister, Erike, asks the obvious question.

Meanwhile Erike is already checking out her sister’s new husband.  Oh no, not more infidelity!

Romain seems to like him too.

Sorrow’s daughter, Serenity, is at Academie le Tour.  She was getting attracted to Arthur Champagne but he’s a cousin and there’s just too much interbreeding going on in Veronaville.  I had to ship in someone new.  Serenity seems to have inherited her great-grandfather’s eyes.

They’re pretty hard to see, especially under a fringe.

Her new beau, Flynn, proposed pretty quickly after getting to know her.

She accepted.

Arthur’s now in another dorm and has met someone new as well.  (His sister, Simone, is also engaged to some ponce called Roger Kinsley.)

Lastly, a glitch from Bluewater.  Jean-Pierre’s orphaned twins, along with another Landchild inmate, ended up floating in mid-air after Curtis Monty, a teenager, came off the bus from school.

They ended up on the ground and I was told they all lost a mark from missing school!!!  But they were at school all day up until the teenager returned home!  That’s hardly fair!