When I was browsing Sim pics to see what needed updating in the blog, I came across some wedding photos.  I could’ve sworn that I’d blogged about it already, but I must have just had the script in my head when I took the photos.  Alas that script and some of the characters are now forgotten so here’s the best I can come up with.

The wedding is of Sven Larsson, son of Celestine and Gunnar (recently divorced) and of a new Sim called Connie McIntyre (I had to look her name up on my Sims 2 tree as I’d forgotten already).  Sven’s parents were, by this time, divorced so the wedding isn’t ancient history.  The couple were living in the house formerly occupied by the Newsons.

Connie was checked out by her new mother-in-law.

Sven’s brothers, Anders and Stieg, are looking on, next to their father, Gunnar.  I have no idea who the guy on the right is – perhaps a passer-by.

There was a bit of awkwardness between the divorced parents.

Gunnar is standing between Celestine and her new husband, widower Andrejz Champignon.  Gunnar looks intently at the bottle label rather than meet Celestine’s gaze.

It seems everyone is waiting for the groom so they can toast the couple.  He was in the toilet.

There was a bit of unpleasantness when Drako DeMarr fought with his step-mother, Monica.

Drako might be reminding Monica that she used to live there (as if she’d forget) and that she abandoned her husband and adopted child after also dumping her ugly son at the Landchild Home for Rejects.

She was suitably shamed.

Some guests started leaving when this started (who wouldn’t?).

Celestine and Andrejz were round the front of the house.

Despite the awkwardness and arguing, the wedding was a great success.