Anna and Michael’s first child, Emily, was having a birthday.  As often happens, she took forever to grow up and her mother was terribly tired.

She didn’t grow up after all that, so Anna went to bed and Emily’s grandmother took over.

I think Caryl got a faceful of spew.  And still nothing happened.

Anna couldn’t sleep and came down to see her daughter grow up.  Finally Emily did.

Oh dear – yet another ugly Lillard child.

Caryl couldn’t bear to look at her ugly granddaughter – she’d had enough of her own ugly twins that were killed off.  When Anna was sleeping and Michael was working, she took Emily to the Landchild home in Bluewater.

It was Mrs Landchild (the second)’s lot to bring up another ugly kid.

Emily’s parents didn’t seem too upset that their ugly daughter was gone.  They discussed what to do if the unborn baby turned out to be just as ugly.  We’ll see…